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Volunteering to nurture animals from the shelter is an option. The value of fostering cannot be overstated. Given that shelters can be high-risk areas for illnesses, it could mean the difference between life and death. It can simultaneously save two lives. One is the dog, puppy, or kitten you have taken in, and the other is an animal we are able to take in at the shelter because of the space made available. We need foster children for a minimum of two weeks. The longer the better, as relocating an animal from one house to another might cause confusion and disorientation in the animal. Here, we would like to emphasise the requirement for a strong heart in fostering. If you can’t maintain some distance from the animal you take under your wing, you could face a lot of heartbreak in the future. But in the end, it’s all worthwhile since there is no greater gratification than being able to help save a life. 

Volunteering in a shelter is another choice. This involves helping out at the shelter in a variety of ways, such as walking dogs, cleaning cages, playing with puppies and kittens, and more. In the evenings, we constantly need assistance WALKING THE SHELTER DOGS. Aside from other animals, we always have over 100 dogs, and we would adore it if they could all take a leisurely walk at least once each day. Due to space restrictions and health concerns, the majority of these dogs must be kept chained or caged, so they could benefit from a stroll and some fresh air. The staff and dogs would be really grateful if you could offer your time every evening!

Additionally, you can donate your time by supporting our ADOPTION PROGRAMME. To communicate with potential adopters, visit them for pre-adoption house checks, and check in again on the adopted dogs and puppies after the adoption, we need committed volunteers. Additionally, we require assistance moving dogs and puppies from shelters to permanent residences, foster homes to permanent residences, or from foster to foster. But in order to join the adoption team, you must be a dedicated and dependable volunteer. Short-term volunteers are not allowed to participate in the adoption programme.

Another way you can assist us is through fundraising. You can assist us in raising money by planning fundraisers in your workplaces, schools, and neighbourhoods. You can also gather in-kind donations, such as grains, used newspapers, used bedsheets, etc. For more information, please see our wish list.

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